Perfect results in all areas
Special injection molding procedure with BOY injection molding machines

In addition to the processing of thermoplastic material, continuous research and developments, as well as close cooperation with customers and renowned specialists BOY respectively BOY Machines Inc. have become established suppliers for special applications. In nearly all industrial sectors, many different materials are processed:

  • Electrical, computer, office, telecommunications, and clock-making industries
  • Automotive, cosmetics and packaging industries
  • Mechanical, equipment, and apparatus engineering
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Aviation, space and defence industries

BOY Machines, Inc. can offer special machine configurations for various applications and materials.

The versatility of BOY injection molding machines is demonstrated by their ability to process a multitude of special applications:

  • Insert molding
  • Micro injection molding
  • LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber)
  • Elastomer processing
  • Thermoset processing
  • CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding)
  • MIM (Metal Injection Molding)
  • Clean-room technology
  • PET preforms

Expert know-how

The specialists at BOY Machines, Inc. are at all times available to you for working out individual concepts and procedures. Alternatively, you may test your materials and molds under real-life conditions in the showroom at BOY Machines, Inc..

BOY injection molding machines: solutions for all plastic processing applications

In five decades, about 50.000 BOY injection molding machines were sold worldwide. During this time, BOY has become a well-known supplier of machines designed for many applications. Besides the processing of thermoplastics, BOY designed special machine configurations for different applications and special materials through continuous research, close cooperation with well-known specialists. These special designs and technical development capabilities enables BOY Machines Inc. to meet every special application in the plastics industry.