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You will receive information regarding the purchase and operation of BOY injection molding machines from our respective distributor (abroad) or from our sales representative in Germany.

Marko Koorneef 001-610-363-9121 x 123
Sonya Pelna 001-610-363-9121 x 123
Process Engineer  
Ken Bush 001-610-9121 x 137
Jason Canale 001-610-363-9121 x 131
Steve Fontana 001-610-363-9121 x 140
Tom Viel 001-610-363-9121 x 125

Dr. BOY GmbH & Co. KG - World wide customer service for the plastics industry

Whether in Germany, Europe, the USA or Asia - BOY is present for its customers all over the world. The representatives in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, North America and South America take care and provide complete services for local customers.

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