BOY’s company history

1968 | Establishment of the company by Max Schiffer and introduction of the BOY 15

1974 | Founding of the sister company in the USA

1976 | Introduction of the BOY 50

1979 | Production of the 10000th BOY injection moulding machine

1982 | BOY 30 with microprocessor control

1989 | Introduction of the BOY 80

1994 | Introduction of the Procan Control DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certification

1997 | Debut of the BOY 12

1998 | Touchscreen panel (Procan CT)

2001 | Expansion of operations: increase in floor space by more than 30%

2002 | Introduction of the BOY 55 and BOY 90

2003 | Introduction of the BOY 35 and BOY 35 VV

2005 | BOY 55 VV injection moulding machine

2007 | Installation of flexible flow production

2007 | Introduction of the Procan ALPHA® control at the „K 2007“

2008 | 40-year company anniversary

2008 | Introduction of the servo-motor pump drive

2009 | Introduction of the BOY XS

2010 | Presentation of the BOY 35 E with servor-motor pump drive at the "K 2010"

2012 | Procan ALPHA ® 2 Control with PCT-technology

2013 | Presentation of EconPlast plasticizing units at K 2013

2013 | New BOYs at K 2013: BOY 50, BOY 60, BOY 80, BOY 100

2015 | 8 mm reciprocating screw plasticizing unit

2016 | Introduction of the benchtop-machine BOY XXS at the "K 2016"

2017 | Premiere of the new five axes robot LR5 at the Fakuma 2017

2018 | 50-year company anniversary

2018 | Expansion of the product range with BOY 125 E

50 years full of innovation in the plastics industry

The BOY 15 was the first injection moulding machine shipped from the company in 1968. The new model impressed experts due to an innovative fully hydraulic two platen locking system and unique compact design. In 50 years, nearly 50.000 injection moulding machines with a clamping force up to 1.250 kN, were shipped from the company in Neustadt-Fernthal. BOY supplies its precise, extremely reliable and economic injection moulding machines worldwide. With 60 Sales and Service Centers and its own company in the USA (BOY Machines, Inc.), BOY is represented on every continent.

Numerous features such as precise control, compact design and economic operation mark the current generation of BOY injection moulding machines. Equally as impressive is the servo motor pump drive with low energy consumption and the extremely economic operation. With the development of the EconPlast units, BOY sets new standards in plasticizing of plastics. More under The BOY created software Procan ALPHA Control enables a simple and intuitive operation of BOY injection moulding machines due to a touch-screen control and graphic user guide.

In addition to the many technical advantages of the current series, BOY also provides a flexible and fast After-Sales Service. Short reaction and delivery times, favourable pricing and distribution of spare parts to all regions of the world make BOY a preferred partner in the plastics industry. Furthermore, BOY has long established experiences in clean room techniques for producing medical and cosmetic products and micro-injection moulding of parts that weigh less than one milligram.