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Press Release 08/2014

Neustadt-Fernthal, 28. February 2014

Saving Energy - soon a duty for all ?

BOY sees itself best positioned in the market

In parts of the BENELUX countries and in Switzerland this duty already exists – to save energy. This means that the governments of these countries have called for a commitment from manufacturers, dealers as well as operators to offer and use only the most energy-efficient products available in the market. In Poland, users can receive favorable investment money through the PolSEFF support program if they build and sell injection moulding machines that are certified as energy-saving. Soon, perhaps there will be a program like this for all of us? 

In atmosphere of departure

If so, “a golden time,” will begin for those products which use the latest technologies and save a lot of energy (costs). This applies especially to the plastics industry. Their machines, for some time now, have required a decreasingly amount of energy to process one kilogram of plastic.

BOY recognized this trend very early. Since 2008, the BOY E-Series servo drive saves about 50 % operating power compared with previous technologies. Since K 2013, EconPlast increases the saving potential even more. The new BOY heating technology makes the plasticizing of plastics much more efficient, is energy-saving and material friendly.

For example, with a BOY 60 E operating in a three-shift operation with a material throughput of 14 kg/h per year, the use of the EconPlast unit saves about EUR 3.500 in energy costs. BOY, the manufacturer of injection moulding machines up to 1,000 kN clamping force, has provided on its website ( the ability to perform an online calculation.

“Besides the pure energy advantages, EconPlast also provides a much more precise and more direct regulation of the temperature supply. Especially with heat-sensitive materials, this can be a deciding influence on the part quality,” explains Michael Kleinebrahm, BOY Manager Process Engineering.

Euromap 60.1 – just a beginning?

For a few months, the energy classification of injection moulding machines according to Euromap 60.1 is valid. This comparability, which became transparent through the norm, helps users to choose and use the most efficient machines.

Was this just the beginning? Will Germany establish a similar energy regulation like those in the Netherlands and Switzerland or a support project such as the one in Poland? Users who already use machines with the latest technologies and efficiencies have done more than just carrying out their duty. They have already benefited from the energy savings – and this with each shot.

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