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Insert molding machine BOY 25 E VV

Insert molding with new dimensions

With a clamping force of 27.5 tons, the BOY 25 E VV insert molding machine fills the gap between the BOY XS V (11 tons) and the BOY 35 E VV (38.5 tons). The BOY 55 E VV completes the BOY insert molding machine range.

This reliable BOY machine range has proven itself for over 35 years in thousands of applications worldwide. The advantage of BOY insert molding machines is in its basic design of a two platen clamping unit with a fixed lower platen.

The BOY 25 E VV, the successor to the very successful BOY 22 A VV, has clearly been improved in terms of efficiency, clamping force, quietness, and accessibility. In addition, the footprint has been reduced by nearly 11%.




Users appreciate in addition the good working ergonomics; suitable working heights result in a small distance to the mold space.

Up-to-date Hydraulics

The hydraulic pump on the BOY 25 E VV compared with the previous model provides an increase in delivery volume as well as faster and more dynamic travel speeds. Flow and friction resistance are reduced considerably by the hydraulic system of the clamping unit. As a result, the cycle time according to EUROMAP 6 is decreased to about one second.

BOY 25 E VH with horizontal injection unit. With this confirguration parting line application is possible.

Technical data

Euromap size:
250-11 / 250-16 / 250-39
250-56 / 250-69 / 250-82

Clamping force:
250 kN/25 Mp/25 metric tons/27.5 US tons

Screw diameter:
0.47, 0.55, 0.71, 0.87, 0.94, 1.1, 1.26 in

Max. stroke volume:
4.67 in³ (theoretical)

Max. injection flow:
3.92 oz/s (theoretical)

Max. spec. injection pressure: 
39,726 psi

Max. daylight between platen: 
15.75 in

Max. opening stroke: 
7.87 in

Distance between tie bars:
10 in

(Kopie 4)

The fully hydraulic BOY injection molding machine stand for maximum economy, best enery efficiency and reliable quality. With clamping forces up to 137.5 tons, the machines are suitable for the fully-automatic processing of thermoplastic, elastomer, silicone, PIM, hotmelt and many other plastic materials. The servo motor pump drive, the compact design and the cantilevered two platen locking system are features that mark these products at the top of the plastic processing industry. Since its foundation in 1968, BOY has sold about 50,000 injection molding machines all over the world.

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