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Efficient two component injection molding

The injection unit for the 2nd component is based of the ultra compact BOY XS. It is equipped with its own hydraulic drive and control. Depending on the execution this unit offers a plasticizing volume of up to 4.67 in³.

The drive unit, which includes the control, is positioned next to the basic machine. Fixed wheels make the unit easy to move and can therefore easily be connected to other in injecion molding machines.

Depending on the application, the injection unit can be arranged in various positions. This is done space-saving in vertical position on horizontal machines; also a lateral mounting of the injection unit is possible (see graphic representation on the right)

With the insert molding machines like the VV execution the injection molding unit can be mounted space-saving at the rear machine frame. With the VH-version of the injection unit of BOY 2C XS/BOY 2C S is positioned vertically above the mold.

The monitor of the 2nd injection unit is equipped with a longer cable. This enables the placement of the monitor at the user-side of the basic machine - directly next to the monitor of the basic machine.

Technical data

Screw diameter:
0.47, 0.55, 0.63, 0.71, 0.87, 0.94, 1.1, 1.26

Max. stroke volume:
4.67 cm³ (theoretical)

Max. injection flow:
2.35 oz/s (theoretical)

Max. injection pressure:
44,699 psi



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