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BOY 35 E Injection molding machine

The BOY 35 E is a four-tie bar, fully hydraulic reciprocating-screw injection molding machine with two-platen clamping unit. With its rigid clamping system and the high efficiency of the injection unit, the well-proven injection molding machine is ideally suited for the production of precision parts within a narrow tolerance range.

With a required floor space of only about 3,000 in², the BOY 35 E is more than just the most compact machine of its type; the price/performance ratio, too, is unparalleled.

With the indisputably lowest machine hour rates, the BOY 35 E is in no danger of having its top position threatened.

Six different sizes of injection units combined with six different screw diameters allow individual adaptation of the machine performance, according to the processing needs.

Technical data

Euromap size:
350-16 / 350-45 / 350-56 / 350-81 / 350-96

Clamping force:
350 kN/35 Mp/35 metric tons/38.5 US tons 

Screw diameter:
0.55, 0.71, 0.87, 0.94, 1.1, 1.26 in

Max. stroke volume:
4.67 in³ (theoretical)

Max. injection flow:
4.31 oz/s (theoretical)

Max. spec. injection pressure:
39,726 psi

Max. daylight between platen:
19.69 in

Max. opening stroke:
11.81 in

Distance between tie bars:
11 x 10 in



Numerous plastics like thermoplastic, elastomer, silicone, PIM and hot melt can be processed with the fully hydraulic BOY injection molding machines. BOY offers a wide range of models with clamping forces up to 137.5 tons. BOY stands for maximum economy, best energy efficiency through low energy consumption and reliable quality - Made in Germany. The servo motor pump drive, the compact design and the cantilevered two platen locking system are features that mark these products at the top of the plastic processing industry. Since 1968, BOY has shipped about 50,000 injection molding machines worldwide.

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