BOY XS E - highly precise, highly economical, extremely compact

Injection molding machine BOY XS E

The cantilevered two-platen clamping unit of the BOY XS E with diagonal configuration of the tie bars makes the plasticising unit, the mould space and the ejector easily accessible and facilitates the integration of automation equipment. A special mould holder for micro moulds of many well-known standard mould manufacturers is optionally available for the BOY XS E. 
With a clamping force of 100 kN on a floor space of 0.87 m², the BOY XS E offers a wide range of applications in the micro and sprueless small part injection moulding with innovative and proven technologies.

The BOY XS E is not equipped as common with this size injection moulding machines with a plunger type injection but with a reciprocating plasticizing screw with diameters from 8 to 18 mm working after the „first in first out“ principal and with a specific injection pressures up to  3128 bar. The intelligent design is ideally suited for the requirements of micro injection  moulding. 
The smallest injection unit of the BOY XS E with screw diameter of 8 mm assures shortest residence times – a great advantage for considerate processing of temperature-sensitive materials. The highly demanding production process with the 8 mm screw - which must always be considered in detail from application to application - requires the attention / compliance of  the process-relevant injection moulding parameters.

Not only the screen format of the intuitive ALPHA 6 control has been changed to 16:9, but the more modern visualisation with new symbols and added functions ensure an absolute precision and repeatability with easy operability.


•  Maximum performance in the smallest area

•  Designed for continuous industrial operation

•  More precise, most economical, extremely compact

•  Intuitively operable and precise ALPHA 6 control

•  Selectable two-platen configurations

•  Injection unit that is height-adjustable by 25 mm (Option) guarantees a decentral gating

•  Maximum energy efficiency

•  Easily adaptable to automated processes and interface options for Industry 4.0


Euromap Size:
100-3 / 100-14 / 100-23
Screw Diameter:
8, 12, 14, 16, 18 mm
Max. Stroke Volume:
0.93 in³
Max. Injection Flow:
1.63 oz / sec
Max. Spec. Injection Pressure:
45,377 psi
Max. Daylight Between Platen:
9.84 in
Max. Opening Stroke:
5.91 in
Distance Between Tie Bars:
6.3 in