BOY XS - highly precise, highly economical, extremely compact

Injection molding machine BOY XS

The BOY XS is a development from BOY – an injection molding machine designed with well-proven technology and all the merits of our larger machines.

This machine type is ideally suited for the use of flexible and efficient single-cavity moulds instead of large, complicated and delicate types. The mold concept for the BOY XS is to use a fixed mold base with interchangeable inserts that can be changed in no time at all.

When you consider energy consumption and applications, the BOY XS is impressively flexible especially with sprueless injection molding. A specially designed nozzle, which advances right into the cavity, not only eliminates the sprue but also a costly hot runner systems.

Ideal for micro and single-cavity injection molding of thermoplastics and elastomers.

The use of the 8 mm screw diameter requires the attention / compliance of the process-relevant injection molding parameters. These must be considered in detail and observed for the different applications.


  • Injection molding machine
  • ultra-compact
  • only 1195 square in footprint
  • 11.0 US tons clamping force
  • perfect for Micro-injection
  • maximum efficiency
  • lower energy demand
  • ideal for long term operation
  • flexible use of molds
  • comfortable operation
  • Procan ALPHA 4 control
  • easy automation
  • worldwide service


Euromap Size:
100-3 / 100-14
Screw Diameter:
8, 12, 14, 16, 18 mm
Max. Stroke Volume:
0.93 in³
Max. Injection Flow:
1.63 oz / sec
Max. Spec. Injection Pressure:
45,377 psi
Max. Daylight Between Platen:
9.84 in
Max. Opening Stroke:
5.91 in
Distance Between Tie Bars:
6.3 in