Not many investments will provide you with a better retrun than our factory trained technicians servicing your BOY machines. Keeping your BOY machine(s) running at peak performance along with providing repairs in the event of a breakdown are all part of the service we provide to you. Here are some of the major benefits.

  • Eliminate costly downtime.
  • Reduce overall maintenance costs.
  • Identify the causes of process inconsistencies.
  • Prevent minor issues from becoming major problems.
  • Extend the service life of your BOY machine.
  • Correct safety violations.

Here is how the BOY Programs work

  • Based upon your maintenance and production requirements, you determine whether one or two maintenance inspections per machine per year is needed.
  • The BOY Service Department will work with you to schedule your yearly maintenance visit(s) based upon YOUR production schedule.
  • During each scheduled visit, an experienced BOY factory trained technician will perform a 100-point inspection on each machine. Under normal conditions, it takes a BOY Service Technician about two hours to complete the 100-point inspection on each BOY machine.

BOY is pleased to offer a very special incentive price for this beneficial service. The labor hour rate will be reduced. That is a savings close to 50% off our normal service rates! This special price will be offered on a limited number of machines and is only applicable to maintenance inspection service.

At BOY we understand that keeping your production equipment running at peak performance is critical to your business. That is why we continue to develop ways to serve your ever-changing molding requirements. The BOY Maintenance Inspection Service, with the special pricing offer, is tailored to fit your maintenance needs, while staying with-in your maintenance budget.

Contact Jason Canale at BOY today at 001-610-363-9121 x 131 for more information or via e-mail at jcanalew2hl32vVysQ88HrVwm97pboymachinescom.