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BOY injection molding machines offer optimum solutions for all customary automation tasks such as insertion or demolding of parts, integration of handling units, robots, et cetera. Here, the cantilevered clamping unit proves a great advantage. Generously dimensioned distances between tie bars and platens of the BOY injection molding machines, as well as a lot of space on the machine frame of the insert molding machines ensure a space-saving integration of the automation equipment. For example, a demolding unit placed below the safety gate of the clamping unit, or a six-axis robot on the machine frame of an insert molding machine do not require any extra space.

Information about our handling BOY LR 5 can be found here.

Additional solutions including separating, weighing, and packaging, as well as a clean room have been developed by BOY.

With the freely programmable inputs and outputs of the Procan ALPHA® control, automated sequences can easily be integrated in the machine control. With the option "integrated handling control", handling and automation units no longer require a separate control system. Even the integration of complex automation systems in the machine control can be realized without problems via standardized interfaces.

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Continuous production due to fully automatic BOY injection molding machines

Since its foundation in 1968, BOY has sold about 50.000 injection molding machines up to 137.5 tons worldwide. BOY injection molding machines require less space compared to other competitive models due to their compact design. Furthermore, the freely accessible two platen locking system enables the flexible use of molds and offers many possibilities for automation and integration of BOY machines into production lines.

Access to all machine components is easy. Set-up times are correspondingly short and the maintenance of BOY injection molding machines is uncomplicated. The Procan ALPHA control enables an intuitive machine operation with touch-screen operation, graphic menu navigation, and fast screen start-up. With the new servo pump drive, BOY machines require 50 % less energy, cooling power is also minimal and the noise level during production is considerably quieter. These and other advantages demonstrate that BOY stands for economy, efficiency, innovation and "Made in Germany" quality. 

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