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Drive technologies

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Some special models of the range are equipped with electronically-controlled variable displacement pumps.

The main range the E-Series are hybrid machines with the servo-motor pump drive technology. The extremely fast reaction time and the continuous surveillance of the actual against the set processing parameters results in exact movements and pressures with highest repeatability from clycle to cycle. Superior part quality is therefore achieved.

The energy efficiency is another great advantage of this drive technology. This means, the positive properties of electro-mechanical machines were attained or even surpassed, without acquiring their disadvantages such as high investment and spare parts costs, more wear and higher connected load. Compared to machines with electronically controlled, displacement pumps, the drive's electricity consumption is cut in half. It is even below that of electro-mechanical machines.

Comparative measurements from production environments

The results from real life conditions are illustrated below.

The 50% or more reduction in energy consumption clearly shows why the BOY E-series with the servo-drive is one of the most energy efficient machine available today.

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Comparative measurements
Comparative measurements

Quieter production

The new drive technology also reduces noise levels by about half compared to other hydraulic driven machines.

The diagram below shows a comparison of different drive concepts.

Servo-electric screw drive

The servo-electric screw drive is available as an alternative drive system for all BOY injection molding machines. Apart from the main advantage, which is metering simultaneous during opening of the clamping unit and ejection of the molded part, the characteristics of the servo-electric screw drive are very little operating noise, low energy consumption, and improved material processing. Comparative tests clearly showed the savings potential of the servo-electric screw drive in comparison with a hydraulically driven screw motor: Cycle times could be reduced by up to 30 percent, due to the metering movements of the screw acting totally independently of the hydraulics! When compared to hydraulically driven screws, tests have shown that the electric screw drive reduces energy by more than 30% per kg. of material throughput!

BOY injection molding machines: Innovation in plastic processing

A focus on efficiency and economy: BOY injection molding machines

With about 50.000 sold injection molding machines worldwide with clamping forces up to 137.5 tons, BOY ranks among the market leaders in plastics processing machinery. BOY injection molding machines require less space compared to other competitive models due to their compact design. Furthermore, the freely accessible two platen locking system enables the flexible use of molds and offers many possibilities for automation and integration of BOY machines into production lines.

The freely accessible machine components, short start-up times and the uncomplicated maintenance requirements of BOY machines, are all impressive features. The Procan ALPHA control enables an intuitive machine operation with touch-screen operation, graphic menu navigation and fast screen start-up. With the new servo pump drive, BOY machines require 50% less energy, cooling power is also minimal and the noise level during production is considerably quieter. With the development of the EconPlast units, BOY sets new standards in plasticizing of plastics. More under These and other advantages demonstrate that BOY stands for economy, efficiency, innovation and "Made in Germany" quality. 

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