Both, BOY XS and BOY XXS offer 50% more plasticizing volume

Up to now the maximum plasticizing volume for the machine types mentioned has been 10.2 cm³, but from the middle of this year the two injection moulding machines will have a maximum stroke volume of 15.3 cm³ as standard.

An extended screw stroke at a screw diameter of 18 mm and an injection force increased by 25 % makes this possible. Thus, the compact BOY XS (100 kN clamping force / 0.77 m² footprint) and the BOY XXS (63 kN / 0.89 m² footprint) have a significantly wider range of injection volumes in comparison to other machines in this clamping force class. These two BOY injection moulding machines do not use the piston plasticizing that is customary for this machine size, but instead rely on a screw plasticizing from 8 to 18 mm according to the "first in first out" principle. Maximum, specific injection pressures of up to 3128 bar are available.

The proven design is ideally tailored to the industrial requirements of micro injection moulding. In order to achieve a maximum conservation of resources, BOY is pushing for an almost sprueless part production with cost-effective single-cavity moulds.

The diversity of the plasticizing units allows the processing of bio-based compounds in addition to the common plastics such as thermoplastic (ø 8mm to 18mm), elastomers (ø 16mm) and silicone / LSR.