Thermoplastic materials

The plastic parts shown were both manufactured on BOY injection molding machines.

The gear wheel, produced on a BOY XS, has a part weight of only 3.53 oz. With the BOY 100 E, large parts with a weight of up to 9.01 oz (PS) – like the large wheel as shown above - can be molded with a high precision.

These examples of applications show the range of products that can be manufactured on BOY injection molding machines.

High-End plastic processing with BOY injection molding machines

During the past 50 years, BOY has became a well-known supplier of numerous special techniques. In this time, BOY has become a well-known supplier of machines designed for many applications. Besides the processing of thermoplastics, BOY designed special machine configurations for different applications and special materials through continuous research and the support of customers and well-known specialists. These special designs and technical development capabilities has enabled BOY to meet every special application in the plastics industry.