High-tech and know-how

High-quality materials, reliable components, and robust construction and design ensure the unique reliability and long service life of BOY injection molding machines. Although often used around the clock, seven days a week, BOY injection molding machines remain a reliable means of production even after many years of use. This is also apparent in their high resale value.

Strict and organized supplier compliance standards, high quality directives and pre-testing prior to delivery, as well as practical tests over several days prior to delivery ensure the exemplary quality levels maintained by BOY.

BOY set high standards right from the beginning: The assembly line production introduced with the founding of the company in 1968 was revolutionary. Since then, the assembly process - driven by technological development and the altered market requirements - has changed dramatically. Today, the flexible flow production with its synchronized processes guarantees optimum material flow, short delivery times, and maximum efficiency.

The responsibility for the reliability of all injection molding machines is in the hands of the BOY personnel. The motivation of each and every employee to achieve the highest quality became the decisive factor for the success of the company. For this reason, the quality principle of BOY is the inclusion of all those involved in the manufacturing process. The commitment of an experienced and motivated staff will in the future also continue to ensure the quality in which thousands of customers throughout the world place their trust.

In short: BOY stands for the highest level of engineering and quality – Made in Germany.

Injection molding technique 'Made in Germany'

The first BOY injection molding machine was shipped in 1968 from the new founded company BOY GmbH & Co. KG. The new model impressed experts due to an innovative fully hydraulic two platen locking system and unique compact design. In 50 years about 50.000 injection molding machines with a clamping force up to 137.5 tons, were shipped from the company in Neustadt-Fernthal. BOY supplies its precise, extremely reliable and economic injection molding machines worldwide. With 60 Sales and Service Centers and its own company in the USA (BOY Machines, Inc.), BOY is represented on every continent.

Precisely controlled with the latest software, compact and economic - these are attributes which are marks of the current generation of BOY injection molding machines. The cooperation of servo-motor pump drive and EconPlast units convince in addition with low energy consumption and the extremely economic operation. The BOY created software Procan ALPHA Control enables a simple and intuitive operation of BOY injection molding machines due to a touch-screen control and graphic user guide.

In addition to the many technical advantages of the current series, BOY also provides a flexible and fast After-Sales Service. Short reaction and delivery times, favourable pricing and distribution of spare parts to all regions of the world make BOY a preferred partner in the plastics industry. Furthermore, BOY has long established experiences in clean room techniques for producing medical and cosmetic products and micro-injection molding of parts that weigh less than one milligram.