Injection molding machine BOY 100 E

The machines of the "E" series are our top models. Due to the servo-motor pump drive, they are superior to comparable, competitive products. It is possible to achieve and even surpass the positive features of electro-mechanical machines while simultaneously excluding their disadvantages. Once more, we have proven our leadership and innovative strength with regard to energy-saving technologies, achieving yet another trend-setting breakthrough.

Modern technology

Greater distances between tie bars (16.93 x 14.17 in) and platen distances of 28.54 in, as well as a clamping force of 110 US tons are the characteristics of the BOY 100 E.

And as it can be expected from a leading product, the BOY 100 E disposes of all the excellent features typical for injection molding machines from Neustadt-Fernthal.


  • Injection molding machine
  • 110 US tons clamping force
  • Servo-Drive
  • moveable injection unit
  • Two-Platen-clamping unit
  • maximum efficiency
  • maximum quality
  • lower energy demand
  • maximum precision
  • flexible use of molds
  • comfortable operation
  • Procan ALPHA 4 control
  • easy automation
  • worldwide service


Euromap Size:
1000-205 / 1000-370
Screw Diameter:
28, 32, 36 ,38, 42, 48 mm
Max. Stroke Volume:
17.12 in³
Max. Injection Flow:
10.00 oz / sec
Max. Spec. Injection Pressure:
40,291 psi
Max. Daylight Between Platen:
28.54 in
Max. Opening Stroke:
18.7 in
Distance Between Tie Bars:
16.93 x 14.17 in